All schools listed are either full B.A.S.E. participants in which they  schedule both friendly exchanges and participate in B.A.S.E. tournaments OR have scheduled friendly exchanges with B.A.S.E. member schools.


    BEIJING HUIJIA PRIVATE SCHOOL                                   Athletic Director-Stefano Frigerio

    BEANSTALK INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL SCHOOL       Athletic Director-Phillippa Sheward

    BEIJING NATIONAL DAY SCHOOL                                    Athletic Director-Ray Norstrom

    BEIJING ROYAL SCHOOL                                                  Athletic Director-Kelvin Childress

    BEIJING SMIC PRIVATE SCHOOL                                     Athletic Director-Natasha Riggins

    CHAOYANG KAIWEN ACADEMY                                       Athletic Director-Herve Guillotel

    DAYSTAR ACADEMY                                                         Athletic Director-Matt Heyman

    HAILEYBURY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL                        Athletic Director-Robert Erwin

    HOPE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL                                     Athletic Director-Rochelle Cayetano

    KEYSTONE ACADEMY                                                      Athletic Director-Derek Davies

    ​LIMAI CHINESE AMERICAN INTL SCHOOL​                    Athletic Director-Adam Jones          

    NO. 4 HIGH SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM       Athletic Director-Phil Zhao

    SAINT PAUL AMERICAN SCHOOL                                   Athletic Director-Majkel Popvic

    SPRINGBOARD INTERNATIONAL                                    Athletic Director- Joshua Larson


    INTERNATIONAL – CHAOYANG                                       Athletic Director:  Immanuel Chan